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Your donations to UNC Fencing are essential to the continued success of our fencing program.

The Ron Miller

 Legacy Campaign is an effort to celebrate Coach Miller’s devotion to Carolina Fencing, and to help secure the future of the program by raising $2 million in endowed funds to be used exclusively to support the fencing program. MAKE A PLEDGE:

The Giving Process: How it Works

Our annual budget is largely supplemented by the generous donations of our alumni and other friends of the Carolina fencing family! This is how it works:

Alumni and friends donate to our team by writing a check or money order to:
PO Box 2126
Chapel Hill, NC 27515
*Please specify “Fencing Special” in the Memo area of your check.

Your checks come directly to our office where they are copied, a deposit sheet made and delivered to the Athletics Business Office. The Fencing Special account helps boost Carolina Fencing immediately. The money is used to buy new equipment and uniforms, provide lodging and meal money for athletes on trips, pay entry fees to tournaments such as the Temple Open and the Penn State Open, and supplement our regular season budget for travel and expenses. It is also used to help us with recruiting talented student-athletes and providing assistant coaching salaries. Thank you in advance for your continued support to the fencing program.

Once your check has been processed, you will be sent a thank you from a member of our staff, as well as the incentive specified by your giving level. Giving levels are as follows:

Tar Heel $0-$100
Bronze Saber-$101-250
Silver Foil- $251-500
Golden Epee- $501-1000
Maitre d’Armes $1001+

Ron Miller, Circa 1970, Fencing Foil, 16" x 20" Acrylic on canvas, by Susun Miller
Ron Miller, Circa 1970, Fencing Foil, 16″ x 20″ Acrylic on canvas, by Susun Miller