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Ron C. Miller
Maitre d’Armes

Former Head Fencing Coach for the University of North Carolina at Chapel hill, 1967-2019 (52 Years).

The Carolina Way

“One of the things that attracted me to coaching was the opportunity to give people something that they haven’t ever experienced before, both in terms of a different sport, but also in terms of learning to be a teammate and learning the responsibility of what that entails and then how they can carry that forward into the rest of their lives.”

-Ron Miller

coach and gabriel guevarra

Why is forwarding to an All-American Fencing domain?  The previous host that held Coach’s website unfortunately closed down all hosted sites.  The All-American Fencing Academy website is owned by UNC Fencing Alum, Gerhard Guevarra, ’96-’99.  The Coach Miller website is managed by Susun Miller and Gerhard.