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Fencing Strip Sponsorship

Fencing Strip Sponsorship

The All-American Fencing Academy is offering an opportunity for businesses to sponsor a fencing strip!  We’re looking for a sponsor on the next most visible strip, used in every class and every tournament and immediately in front of the specator seating area.

This is an excellent and low cost opportunity to target and advertise to a specific audience for an extended period of time. (Sponsor signage will be posted above the strip indefinitely.)

The All-American Fencing Academy runs classes on these strips as well as weekend tournaments large and small with current students, their families, as well as visiting competitors.  It’s a great way reach out to visitors who might are always looking for local shopping and eateries while students are in class or competing.  The All-American Fencing Academy is in the heart of Downtown Fayetteville and is a block away from all the downtown businesses!

By sponsoring a strip, you are helping the fencing academy and our athletes with the equipment they need to effectively train for statewide and national competitions as well as collegiate teams.

Single Sponsor or Group of Sponsors

A single business can sponsor a single strip or a group of businesses can split the sponsorship.  For example, Fox Bookkeeping is the sole sponsor of our finals fencing strip.

If a single business sponsors a strip, the business will have the sole banner above the strip.  If a group of businesses splits the sponsorship, the banner and reel signage will include information for all participating businesses.

If your business or a group of businesses are interested in sponsoring on a fencing strip, please contact the All-American Fencing at 910-644-0137 or e-mail

What does your business get for sponsoring a fencing strip?

  • Your business ad/logo on the set of reels. (They will remain there indefinitely, example in the picture below.)
  • Your business ad/logo banner above the score box on the fencing strip with the reels (They will remain there indefinitely, example in the pictures above and below.)

What will the ad/logo look like on the reels and on the fencing strips? Here are some examples:


Who Will See The Sponsors/Advertisement?

Regular Practice/Class Week

  • Fencers and their families will see the business sponsors
  • About 40-50 students and their families per week, all will see business sponsors
  • 4th Friday Walk-In Class Participants typically continue to shop downtown after classes
  • Many of our families are local
  • Parents drop of their children and shop downtown during class

Competition Weekend

  • Fencers and their families, in addition to other friends come to spectate
  • About 50-60 athletes competing during a tournament weekend
  • Many families looking for lunch or dinner prior to completing the tournament
  • Many out of town visitors, often from Durham, Apex, Wilmington, and Charlotte

More Information

For any questions, please contact Head Coach and Owner, Gerhard Guevarra.