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All-American Fencing Academy About The Academy

About the All-American Fencing Academy

USA Fencing Club

The All-American Fencing Academy is an official registered school of USA Fencing and the North Carolina Division of USA Fencing.

About the All-American Fencing Academy

SafeSport Certified

We are committed to creating a safe and positive environment for athletes’ physical, emotional and social development, and to ensuring that it promotes an environment free of misconduct.

About the All-American Fencing Academy

Club of Excellence

The All-American Fencing Academy is named by USA Fencing as a 2019-2020 Club of Excellence.

About the All-American Fencing Academy

Reader's Choice

The All-American Fencing Academy is voted 2020 Fayetteville Observer’s Reader’s Choice for Fayetteville’s Martial Art’s Studio.


“I got into fencing for the same reason many people get into fencing.  Because when we were kids, ‘we all played swords'”.  -Paul Hovey (Former student and coach)

The All-American Fencing Academy has been operating in Fayetteville, NC since 2001.  Our purpose remains the same, introduce fencing and make it available to everyone that was interested and not let cost or equipment be a barrier.  Whether you’re a recreational fencer or a competitive one, there’s a place for you at the All-American Fencing Academy.


Pine Forest Recreation Center

Cumberland County Fencing Club Logo

In 2001, then director of the Pine Forest Recreation Center (Cumberland County and Fayetteville Parks and Recreation), Gerhard Guevarra, started teaching classes weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The program had a brief start with 2 students in Roanoke Rapids, NC prior to Gerhard Guevarra moving back down to Fayetteville, NC.

At the time, the program was called the Cumberland County Fencing Club and was a satellite of the North Carolina Fencing Development Program (headquartered at Chapel Hill, NC). The program started with just saber fencers and had a small class of about 5 students.

Soon the Cumberland County Fencing Club grew and expanded into teaching all three weapons, foil, epee, and saber. Students were coming from all over Cumberland County, Fayetteville, Harnett County and Fort Liberty to learn or continue fencing.


Albritton Middle School, Fort Liberty, NC

old AAFA logo

Within another year, the fencing program moved all operations and consolidated equipment and coaches on Fort Liberty, dubbing itself the All-American Fencing Club, and for the first time, becoming a United States Fencing Association member club. The All-American Fencing Club separated from the North Carolina Fencing Development Program and was now supported by the Army Fencing Association.

The All-American Fencing Club operated at the Albritton Junior High School gymnasium every Tuesday and Thursday, seeing many new fencers and Soldiers. It was during this time that the club started sending more fencers to local, regional and national tournaments, solidifying it’s place as a competitive and successful club within the North Carolina Division, often placing fencers in the top 12 in tournaments.


Downtown Fayetteville

white shield outline colored shield transparent bg

In 2008, the All-American Fencing Club received the possible opportunity of gaining a new coach with Olympic and World Cup Championship experience. The All-American Fencing Club took this opportunity to look at the plausibility of moving the fencing program off the installation and build the program in the heart of Downtown Fayetteville.

The fencing club found a new home with the Creative Dancer’s Workshop and the current members agreed to be reborn as the All-American Fencing ACADEMY. Moving the club physically and moving the club mentally from an idea of like minded athletes fencing and learning together to a formidable school that produces quality competitive fencers locally, regionally, and nationally; as well as continuing to provide recreational fencing opportunities.

Although the former primary intent of the club was to build and maintain a strong Army Fencing Team, the club’s strength lies in it’s civilian and Army family students. We welcome the whole community. Our fencers come from all over the Sandhills region and Fort Liberty, NC. The All-American Fencing Academy is the only location teaching and training fencers within a 2 hour radius.

Our students at the All-American Fencing Academy compete locally, regionally and nationally. Some have qualified for National Championships and some have qualified for Junior Olympics. Our fencers are also recruited and continue to fence for Division I, II, and III university fencing teams. Our staff has international tournament experience. We are a well rounded and family oriented fencing team.

On June 8-10 2018, The All-American Fencing Academy celebrated 10 years of All-American Fencing and 15 years of Fencing in Fayetteville. We’ve been providing fencing classes and training competitors for that long. May 2018 will mark our 10th year in Downtown Fayetteville; it will also mark our 15th year since we first started teaching in Fayetteville at Pine Forest Recreation Center.

Several of our former fencers returned to town for a weekend of celebration, picnics, food, movies, open fencing, and a bunch of “I can’t believe this still fits.”  Unfortunately, not everyone can make it.  Many of our families and fencers are Military connected and are now spread throughout the world.

Scroll through our more in depth timeline below and see some important events in the All-American Fencing Academy’s history.

Historical Moments in the AAFA

Learn some more history of the All-American Fencing Academy through this collage, symbols, and references. Click on the image to learn more!


2001-2003:  Probably drawn on MS Paint.  This logo was used when the fencing club was operating out of the Pine Forest Recreation Center.  The left most C doubled as a the weapon’s guard and the blade also acted as one of the F’s  parts.

2003-2008:  Originally with the 82nd Airborne patch design in the middle with another sword embedded in it and stars in the blue bar.  First the stars were removed, then later, the 82nd double A’s were removed to simplify the logo.


2008-Current:  The current logo was changed when the All-American Fencing Academy started in Downtown Fayetteville.  It reduced the colors to just red, white, and blue and updated the shield shape.  In 2022, the logo was updated with a thicker border and even lines for the weapon blades.  The iconic All-American Fencing Academy logo has been copied by other fencing designs.  Also see the AAFA Branding and Visual Guidelines page.

Gold Star Fencers

zane kang

1LT Zane Kang

Zane fenced at West Point and fenced for the All-American Fencing Academy when he was stationed at Fort Liberty. Zane suffered from heat stroke while taking physical training on Monday July 26, 2004, and was taken to Womack Army Hospital at Ft Liberty with a 108 degree temperature, and was transferred to UNC hospital at Chapel Hill on Tuesday.

Zane was a wonderful addition to our young club when it was still meeting at the Albritton Middle School on Fort Liberty. He was always willing to work and fence with all age groups and skill levels. He was enjoyable to have around and always had a smile on his face. Thank you to Zane and his family for being a part of the All-American Fencing Academy.