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Using AskFRED

What Is AskFRED?

AskFRED is where many clubs post tournaments and events and where parents/fencers can register for tournaments and view their results.

At the All-American Fencing Academy, many times we will have a sign in sheet during class for upcoming tournaments and the coaches will register the fencers for the tournament on AskFRED, but we encourage our families to familiarize themselves and register for tournaments on their own!

What Events Are On AskFRED?

There are National/Regional fencing tournaments like North American Cups, Regional Circuits, and National Championships.  These events are listed on the USA Fencing website and you must register for these events on the USA Fencing website and fencers will require a USA Fencing Competitive Membership.

AskFRED lists local tournaments hosted by fencing clubs.  Unless otherwise stated, any fencer from any club can participate at any event hosted on AskFRED.  Sanctioned events on AskFRED require at least a USA Fencing Access Membership, while Unsanctioned events require at least a non-competitive membership.

Should I Register Early For The Tournament

We encourage our families and fencers to register as early as possible for tournaments.  Tournament organizers plan based on the number of participants.  If 20 fencers sign up the day before the event, the tournament organizers may not be prepared to handle 20 additional fencers.  Also, it’s become a habit for participants to see how many people are also registered.

Most of the time, you don’t have to pay at the time of registration.  Even if it is likely that you will participate in the event, go ahead and register.  You can always remove yourself from the registration list with no penalty.

Assuming this is the first time registering for an event…

Registering for an Account on AskFRED and Registering for an Event

Sometimes, the All-American Fencing Academy will have a sign up sheet for upcoming tournaments and the Coaches will register the students for the event on AskFRED.  However, it is preferable for the athletes/parents become familiar with AskFRED and find tournaments they are interested and register on their own.

If you’ve NEVER registered as a user on AskFRED, you’ll need to create an account. 

  1. Visit
  2. Select REGISTER at the top right of the page.
  3. Enter your e-mail and selected password.
  4. Click SIGN UP
  5. A confirmation link will be sent to the provided email address to activate the account.
  6. Find the email and confirm the account.
  7. Complete Your Registration.  You will need to create or claim an existing Fencer record (An existing Fencer record may be available if a Coach has previously registered your student on AskFRED.).
  8. Either put in the last name of yourself (if you are the fencer) or the your child if you are a non-fencing parent.
  9. If you typed the name, on the next page, select the appropriate name from the drop down list and CONTINUE REGISTRATION.  If you cannot find the correct fencer record, CREATE A NEW FENCER RECORD.
  10. If you are creating a new fencer record, you can input your USA Fencing Member # and AskFRED will import your information from USA Fencing.  Otherwise if you are creating via new fencer information, here is what you’ll need to submit:
    First Name:  Self Explanatory
    Last Name:  Self Explanatory
    Primary Club:  All-American Fencing Academy
    Secondary Club:  Leave blank
    Division:  North Carolina
    USFA Foil Rating: U
    USFA Epee Rating: U
    USFA Saber Rating: U
    Gender:  Self Explanatory
    Birthyear: Self Explanatory
    Most tournaments do not require you to pay upon registration.  If you don’t know yet if you will be attending, but would like to attend, go ahead and register for the tournament.  You can always remove your name later.  Tournament organizers prefer this so they can approximate the number of attendees and number of required referees.  But if all of a sudden a bunch of fencers register the night before, a tournament may be understaffed.
  12. You can fence in any tournament in any state as long as there aren’t any restrictions that was noted by the tournament organizer.
  13. When you select the tournament in the listings, click on REGISTER.
  14. You may then select which event in the tournament you will be participating in.
  15. You can edit any events you are registered for in MY DASHBOARD.

Now That You Have An AskFRED Account, What Else Can You Do With It?

You can search for other tournaments.  You don’t have to just compete at the All-American Fencing Academy.  Some of our fencers travel to other NC clubs to compete.  

Even if the tournament is in another state, it is still a local event and you can typically participate in them (always double check the more info section of the tournament).

You can always view and share your tournament results from previous events!