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Make Sure You Are On The Mailing List

Are you receiving our group e-mails? We typically add your e-mail when you join, however, if you have an e-mail that you would like to get announcements on, you can add yourself. 

It’s good for both parents and if the fencer is a teen, to subscribe to our e-mail mailing list.  We send out announcements about classes, special events, tournaments and more.

Subscribe by visiting our website, under the “Current Members” menu, select “Subscribe to Mailing List”. Or you visit this link directly to subscribe to our mailing list:!forum/allamericanfencing/join You can also e-mail with the e-mail you would like us to add to the mailing list.

Follow Us On Our Social Networks

All news and announcements are also posted on our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Discord, and GroupMe.  If you also subscribe to the All-American Fencing Accounts there, you can set notifications when we make any announcements.  Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok accounts are mostly entertainment posts.

Mobile Notifications

  • Do you have an Android phone?
    • Follow the link below under MOBILE NOTIFICATIONS OR
    • Receive notifications by visiting our website on your android phone ( and select “Allow” in the notifications prompt at the bottom of the screen.
  • Do you have an Iphone?
    • Visit your website on your browser on a mobile Apple device on 16.4+.
    • Click on the Share button of your browser on a mobile device.
    • Click on the Add to home screen option.
    • Save the app on your device.
    • Open the app from the home screen.
    • Subscribe to notifications (you must click a subscribe button before a native permission prompt can be displayed).
    • The native permission prompt should be triggered when the subscribe button is clicked.

Mobile Notifications:

Subscribe to notifications