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Homeschool Fencing Team

The Fayetteville Dead Squirrels


The Home School Team

The Homeschool Fencing Team, The Fayetteville Dead Squirrels, are members of and train at the All-American Fencing Academy.  The Homeschool Fencing Team competes during the school year as part of the North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Commission (

Junior Varsity athletes compete in individual events against other North Carolina homeschool fencers throughout the school year.  Varsity athletes compete as a team against other North Carolina homeschool fencing teams.

Homeschool members of the All-American Fencing Academy can participate as part of the homeschool fencing team.  Equipment is not required.  Fencers must be a verified registered homeschool with the State of North Carolina Non-Public Education System.

For more information about our homeschool fencing age group, please contact the All-American Fencing Academy at 910-644-0137 or e-mail

Why The Dead Squirrels?

When the fencing club was still on Fort Bragg (now Fort Liberty), the middle school where the (then) All-American Fencing Club were practicing called to inform the coaches that during a school break and fencing club break, that a squirrel had gotten trapped inside one of our equipment closets and died.

Since both the school and the fencing club were in an extended break, the unfortunate remains of the squirrel began to decompose and emanate a rotting odor in the gym and the fencing equipment.

The legend of the Dead Squirrel is a story that is passed on among fencers and when the Homeschool Fencing Team were selecting a new name for their team, they found “Dead Squirrels” would be a funny name that had a history with the fencing team.

Previous Varsity Team Members

Jackson Tart, Luke Eaves, Seth Hopel (Isaac Canady reserve team member)
(North Carolina State Champions)

Elinor Morkos (Captain), Caleb Bruno, Isaac Canady, (Lily Kube reserve team member)

Lily Kube (Captain), Isaac Canady, Zion Facey