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On Strip/At Home At Home Training

On Strip/At Home

RPF (Role Play Fencing)

FREE Paper based fencing and bouting.  Unable to fence?  No club near your?  A global pandemic is preventing your from fencing?  You can still fence AND practice social distancing!

If you like Dungeons & Dragons or Magic the Gathering, then you’ll enjoy this paper based game.  Fencing experience is not required, but it’s helpful!

On Strip/At Home

FREE Online Class For Parents - "How To Teach Beginner Fencing To Your Children"

YOU Can Teach Beginner Fencing.  Are you home schooling, or just stuck at home?  Looking to teach your child something new, or even learn for yourself?  Beginner fencing skills is not difficult, experience or equipment NOT needed!  If you can do yoga online, you can teach your kids. 🙂