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Role Play Fencing (RPF) Online/Paper Based Fencing

RPF (Role Play Fencing)

Unable to fence?  No fencing club near you?  Or maybe there’s another global pandemic that’s preventing you from fencing?  Or are you looking to scratch an itch of more fencing in your life?

The All-American Fencing Academy has created a paper based fencing game.  The play is similar to games like Dungeons & Dragons or Magic the Gathering.  Paul Hovey and Gerhard Guevarra created this game in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and mandatory business and fencing club closures to provide the All-American Fencing Academy athletes the opportunity to virtually “bout”.

The All-American Fencing Academy utilized Discord to do multiple fencer online bouts and managed the bout utilizing Fencing Time and AskFReD to post the results.  If you’re only playing with one other player, you can play over the phone or face to face.

*Note: We realize that some of the play are not an exact analogy to physical fencing.  It’s a game ya’ll.

**Note 2:  Feel free to modify the game and rules to fit your purposes.  You don’t HAVE to do it our way.  If this serves as a template for a better idea you have, you are more than welcome to alter it.  But PLEASE let us know your recommendations, we may include it to our future revisions.  Contact us at

What You Need:

  • Field of play (Discord, teleconference, face to face, etc.)
  • Game rules
  • Fencers|Actions|Bonus Cheat Sheet
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Paper
  • Dice
  • Fencing Bout Sheet OR Fencing Time Program (if doing multi-player pools)
  • Fencing Direct Elimination Bout Sheet (if doing Direct Elimination after bouts)

Also thanks to Dan Kellner, head coach at Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, for additional suggestions and feedback that were included in Version 1.2.

Role Play Fencing (RPF)

Download the Game

Game includes

  • Rules
  • Fencer|Actions|Bonus Cheat Sheet


We worked hard to create this game and are still working to improve it.  Please consider making a donation to support the creators and the All-American Fencing Academy.