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The Brand Imitators



Scherma Giannone Caserta is an Italian fencing club.  A friend pointed out that their club logo strongly resembled ours with some modifications.



A friend was at a tournament and noticed a fencer that had a shirt with what appears to be our logo on it, except it had \”US Fencer\” underneath it.  It\’s pretty much our logo with the red and blue colors reversed, nothing else is changed.  We haven\’t been able to find this shirt anywhere, so whoever was selling it probably figured out their graphic designer ripped the logo from us.  We\’re not totally certain which company it was, but we\’re fairly certain.

\"\"Proprintwear still carries products that bear a resemblance to the All-American Fencing Academy shield and colors.  You can view their products here:!/Saber-Fencer-Shield-TM-Baseball-Hat-Embroidered/p/69019993/category=17891744


\"\"Scherma Giannone Caserta is an Spanish fencing club.  We received a message from a fellow coach that another club was using our logo with color modifications.



We love our fellow fencers in the Philippines.  We\’ve had various slogans we use with our marketing.  \”We dare you not to love it.\” is the one we commonly used.  Sometimes we used \”Try fencing. We dare you not to love it.\”  

It was a surprise to us when Coach Gerhard\’s parents brought back a flyer from Republic Fencing in the Philippines that bore our slogan \”Try fencing.  We dare you not to love it.\”