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You can make a pretty good alternative weapon to practice at home with a few pieces from Lowes and Wal-Mart for under $5. Here is what you will need (you may already have some of this at home!):


  1. Cut the PEX pipe to the proper length. If you use the regular size weapon (from rack), cut the pipe to 40 inches. If the weapon is for a child and they typically use the shorter weapons from the bucket, cut the pipe to 38 inches.
  2. Mark the pipe 5 inches from one end (this is where you will place the guard).
  3. Measure a diameter of 4 inches and cut out the bottom of the disposable bowl. The bottom of the red Wal-Mart brand red disposable bowl is already about 4 inches in diameter. I cut a little past the bottom curve to give the guard a little curve.
  4. Trace a the circle on the end of the pipe in the center of bowl guard cutout you just made.
  5. Cut out the hole (make sure you cut out in the middle of your tracing, you don’t want to make the whole too big.
  6. Slide the guard you made onto the pipe to the 5 inch mark you made earlier, and if you have a curve on your guard, make sure it is curving towards the end of the grip (the 5 inch section).
  7. Hot glue/glue the guard into place.
  8. Hot glue the the end caps to the pipe.
  9. If you want to be creative, you can wrap the grip leather or plastic.
  10. The final weapon bends and recovers pretty well, but you may have to re-straighten the weapon after 3-4.