The ‘Clipboard Tournament’

We were at UPenn, fencing Sacred Heart, at a dual meet.  The guy who was the assigner for officials had to also officiate.  He assigned himself to our match with Sacred Heart’s women’s sabre.  During the match, there were several calls involving Gill Litynski, that I took issue with.  The principal issue of the dispute had to do with a situation in which Gill caused Sacred Heart’s fencer to fall short and Gill made an immediate attack (without footwork) and the Sacred Heart fencer made a remise (continuation).  The referee called the Sacred Heart’s fencer actions as one attack.  The first time, I let it go.  The second time I asked him to explain what he saw.  I made it clear I did not agree with his call.  The third time, which was even more obvious, rather than confronting him, I simply took the clipboard I was holding in my hand and smacked it against the top of my forehead.  The heavy wooden clipboard, which was a gift from the team, broke in half with a loud ‘pop’ as it hit the floor.. Even though I said nothing, the ref carded me for unsportsmanlike conduct.  (A first in my career)   Also this ‘Clipboard Tournament’ was my 1400th career win.  “At UPenn, Sarah Hanvy’s (sabre) victory against Sacred Heart pushed Miller’s record past the 1,400 mark.”