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COVID-19 Closure


Upon Governor Cooper’s executive order 141 (  Entertainment and fitness facilities restricted include, but are not limited to indoor exercise facilities (e.g., yoga studios, dance studios, martial arts facilities, indoor trampoline and rock climbing facilities).

The All-American Fencing Academy is temporarily closed for the longest period of time in it’s history.  All fencing clubs are reeling and fighting to also stay viable during this time and being able to keep the doors open when this has passed.

I LOVE to teach. I LOVE being in the fencing room with everyone. I LOVE watching everyone grow. And I LOVE our families. I LOVE fencing.

Most fencing clubs are break even. And fortunately, for myself and Coach Melea, we have other jobs. So this isn’t our sole income. This is not the same for many fencing clubs where many coaches make their big income from private lessons. Thankfully we’re not in that boat.

So let me be completely transparent. The All-American Fencing Academy may not be in as bad other fencing clubs. But we honestly won’t survive without students.  Our total expenditures per month is about $1000. All we can ask is for most of our members to maintain their membership with us and that will help us maintain until April 22nd-ish when we hope we can re-open. We understand if these difficult times cannot allow you to maintain membership. We hope to see everyone again in a few weeks.

We are continuing our classes and lessons, but they are all online (On Strip/At Home Series). I will be recording videos for practices our students can do at home each week as well as some other training tips and they will all available online: We hope you’ve enjoyed the ones we’ve released so far. 

We hope to see everyone back soon so we can get back to normal. If you have recommendations on how to make my videos/lessons better, please let me know. We’re making sure our lessons are doable not only for fencers with equipment, but for fencers without equipment.

If you remember the homework I gave everyone during their first month of beginner class? That would be good practice at home each day either before or after you complete your at home school work.. If you don’t remember, each day practice:-10 advances-10 retreats-10 extensions-10 lunges.  Remember it isn’t for speed, but make sure your knees stay bent. Good distance with advances and retreats, complete extensions, and holding lunges.  It doesn’t take long, do a set of 1 each every day. You can find the video at

Currently, we anticipate a return to in Phase 3 (five weeks after Phase 2), likely the first week of July.  We’ll do our best to add additional programs when we return to offset some time missed.  In the meantime, make sure you visit our On Strip/At Home Series Training Page:

Please remain in touch if you have any questions., 910-644-0137.

USA Fencing has released an announcement to all our members of how to continue to support your fencing club.  If you have an opportunity, please take an opportunity to read it!

All our On Strip/At Home training is available online on YouTube free! 

COVID-19 Updates and On Strip/At Home Training Series